Modular spaces are produced using Wilha construction elements, when other solutions are not purposeful or cost efficient. Wilha construction element is light weight, durable, fire resistant and hygienic.


Wilha construction elements can be produced as straight or bend elements up to sizes of 3,2 x 15 metres!

Wilha construction element specifications

  • Single construction element maximum size 3 200 x 15 000 mm

  • Light weight structure, only 7 - 8 kg/m2

  • Seamless structure, also bend shapes

  • Rich set of finishing options: Fireproof MDF, laminate, metal, fibreboard, RST, wood, etc.

  • EU hygiene classification, suitable for foodstuff


  • Easy to keep clean

  • Material does not absord water

  • Good insulation capabilities​

  • Low energy consumption in production

  • Small foot print: Ecologic, no freon leaks, recyclable material

  • Cost efficient

Wilha construction element has been used for example in building of Cargo Spaces, Cold Spcaes, Hygienic Spaces, Sales Wagons, Device Rooms, Small Warehouses.

Wilha construction element is suitable for building, food industry and agriculture.

Wilha construction element production methodology is patented


Intlog has patened its Wilha construction element production methodology. The method is unique making the element both light weight, durable and fire resistant. Spaces created using Wilha construction elements are delivered to over 50 countries world wide.

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