Hand Sanitizer Foam

  • Effective against the top 5 multi drug resistant pathogen (2017 Update) 
  • Kills 99,99 % of germs and viruses 
  • Alcohol -free 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides long-lasting protection

Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam eliminates harmful microbes with a fast-acting and powerful effect.


Good hand hygiene practice plays important role in military environment where benefits such as reduced healthcare costs decreased absemteeism and improved mission readiness can be gained.


Intlog foam is completely alcohol-free providing unpresedented benefits to hand hygiene practice. Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can damage skin and therefore reduce the compliance to sanitation. Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam provides effective way to sanitize hands without compromising healthy skin. The foam can be applied even for broken skin without painful sting, improving compliance to any hand hygiene regime.


Intlog foam is based on active silver ions killing harmful bacteria and viruses effectively and fast. The product has been proven effective by third-party laboratories with superior functionality against drug resistant microbes.


Germs are killed by the activity of silver ions released from a non-irritating polymer molecule. Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam does not sting or leave hands sticky. Moisturizers such as naturally occurring betaine control water balance and reduce chemical irritation in skin. Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam provides a long-lasting effect against bacteria, leaving hands soft and clean.


Beneficially silver in general is widely used in wound care and is known to provide protection against infections when skin is broken.


The foam contains natural moisturizers to control water balance of skin and reduce irritation. A long-lasting effect against microbes is provided when an invisible silver polymer layer is applied on skin. Standard handrub procedure with Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam leaves hand protected even after the foam application.

Intlog Hand Sanitizer Foam is based on the Nolla TM silver polymer technology


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